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Your Beauty Ritual

"Beauty focused guided meditation"

Respekt Beauty Meditation UI

"Instead of rushing through your beauty routine, taking time to meditate in the process helps to regulate stress, clear your mind and benefit your skin because our skin is more receptive to what we deliver to it when it is not in a state of stress."

Daily routine meditation

Finish your daily skincare routine while meditating

Short, easy guided meditations & affirmations to reduce your stress and be more confident about yourself.

The Mone****
"I really like this app and realized how important my mind control is for my beauty."

beauty meditation short break

Learn the easiest meditation skills to add glow to your skin

Every moment counts! You only need a few minutes to become confident

music sound

Great music to help you calm, relax, focus, sleep

Nature sounds, daily ASMR sounds, fun sounds for your break

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