The Norms of Post-Corona Beauty Trend

post corona beauty trend


Amid social distancing norms, mask wearing needs, limited in-person skin and beauty services, and widespread quarantines, beauty enthusiasts are changing their beauty and skincare habits and are gravitating more towards at-home salon experience. Since people are working from home and are not going for their usual parlor appointments, they are swapping for at-home equivalents of eyebrow waxing and facials. Skincare has gained priority over makeup, which ladies have not worn for months. It seems difficult to go back even when the pandemic subsides.

Here, let’s have a look at the Post-Corona beauty trends.


post corona beauty trend


Since people are not going out and staying at home, they are giving more attention to skincare rather than to makeup. Considering this, serums have become more popular, especially the ones containing vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide serums have also gained increased popularity, probably because skin imperfections seem to be more prominent during online meetings and these serums can hide them successfully.


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Anti-Blue Light Products:

Since screen time of everyone has increased a lot, both due to work and leisure, the need to keep the skin protected from blue light has been recently realized. A wide range of blue light blocking products have come up in the market, including mists, creams, primers, sunscreens and facial kits.


post corona beauty trend



When the rest of your face is hidden behind your mask, the only feature visible is your eyes. That’s why people are giving more attention to make their eyes more beautiful than ever. Considering this, the sale of eye liners, mascara, eyebrow trimmers, etc. have seen a surge. Contact lenses have also become quite popular among people who used to wear eyeglasses, probably because eyeglasses tend to get blurred due to mist from mask and distract vision.


Lip Balms:

Instead of applying dark and glossy lipsticks, people are now preferring to wear lip balms that can moisturize and nourish their lips while they stay hidden behind the mask. People with irregular teeth development are also using this time to wear braces and correct their alignment, as they no longer need to worry about looking ugly as their mouth will stay hidden in the mask.


post corona beauty trend


Hair Style:

Hair styles have also witnessed a major change during the corona period, and they are being popularly accepted by people who are more likely to continue even in the Post-Corona period. Since people are not able to go to the salons for fancy hair styles, most of them are opting for simple styles that can be tied in a ponytail. People working from home find this hair style easy and comfortable to carry.


Hand Tonics:

People have started shifting their focus from their face to their other parts of the body, especially hands that are easily visible. That is why most people are using hand tonics to make their hands hydrated and nourished.


post corona beauty trend

Instead of going all fancy with luxurious makeup and cosmetics and flary hair styles, Post-Corona beauty trend is all about comfort. Wearing mask is not comfortable for most, and they do not want to add to their discomfort by applying heavy makeup and wearing heavy danglers. The Post-Corona period will see everyone simple, elegant and modest.




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