Taking Care of Your Skin While Wearing Face Masks

Taking Care of Your Skin While Wearing Face Masks

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask is extremely important. WHO has recommended to wear cloth masks whenever you go out or meet someone. While they can prevent coronavirus and its spread, it comes with a lot of challenges regarding skin health. When it is mandatory to wear a face mask regularly, skin issues are sure to happen.

Skin rashes, acne and irritation are some of the issues that everyone can experience, especially the ones who have to wear face mask regularly. Here, let’s know about a few common skin issues caused due to wearing mask, and find out how to prevent and treat them effectively.


Taking Care of Your Skin While Wearing Face Masks

Skin Irritation:

Many people complain of skin irritation due to wearing face masks. These complaints are more common among people who have to go to office and have to wear a mask all day. To deal with such an issue, most importantly use a mask that is breathable and comfortable.

It’s best to wear a face mask that is made up of cotton fabric. It should be made up of triple layers of fabric, it should not be too loose or too tight, and it should properly cover your mouth and nose. Such a mask can prevent sweating that can lead to skin irritation with prolonged use.


Taking Care of Your Skin While Wearing Face Masks


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People with acne prone skin have reported increased acne lesions on their face, especially on the area that remains covered with the face mask. Since the area remains trapped in the mask, the skin is not able to breathe and develops acne and pimples. According to dermatologists, one possible solution is to wash the face frequently whenever you get a chance to take off the mask.


Use a face wash with salicylic acid, as washing the face with it will remove any dirt and sweat accumulated on your skin and unclog the pores. Apart from that, avoid applying too much makeup under the skin. A subtle moisturizer is enough, as this part will not be visible and there is no need to load it with cosmetics.


Taking Care of Your Skin While Wearing Face Masks

Skin Diseases:

If you have to wear your face mask for long times, you can develop a variety of skin conditions, including contact dermatitis, rosacea, irritant dermatitis, skin breakdown, and perioral dermatitis. These conditions become more prevalent if the climate in your area is hot and humid.


If you have developed any of such conditions or if your pre-existing condition has worsened due to wearing mask, then one possible suggestion would be to apply your medicine under the mask and cover it with a barrier. Hydrating balms are effective in keeping your skin soft and moisturized, so that there are minimal chances of developing such conditions.


Since wearing a face mask is compulsory these days, you have to find other ways to ensure safety of your skin. Some of them include washing the face frequently, using a face wash with benzoyl peroxide, using chemical exfoliators, keeping skin moisturized, avoiding cosmetics, and using sunscreen with zinc oxide.

With these simple steps, you can keep your skin protected and at the same time stay safe against coronavirus.




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