Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellness


A much overlooked type of wellness is spiritual wellness. We are often quick to realize if something is wrong with our body or mind. However we don’t usually pay attention to our spirit.

The best way to describe would be being in peace. It is explained in many ways like finding a purpose in life or being one with yourself. However, for beginners, we could say spiritual wellness can mean that you are content. The opposite of spiritual wellness is feeling empty or lost.

It is popularly believed that spiritual wellness is largely connected to a god or religious. Yes, for some people spirituality does mean believing in a religion or having faith. However, this is just one aspect of spiritual wellness. Some people believe defeating our inner demons or finding a balance between our id and superego is spirituality. All of this is true, we are constantly in battle with ourselves and the outside world and finding spiritual wellness is acceptance and contentment.


spiritual wellness


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Why Is Spiritual Wellness Important?

Spiritual wellness is important because without our spirit, we are nothing but empty beings striving for material gains and artificial happiness. Being in touch with our inner selves gives us purpose and true happiness. It helps us appreciate how beautiful life is and makes us look past the material life.

Spiritual wellness also plays a very strong role in giving some people a sense of morality and ethics. People find morality and principles through belief systems. It is believed that spiritual wellness makes people more considerate and keeps them moralized.

Being in touch with your inner self also helps you stay in touch with nature and who you are as a person. Often we lose touch with the world and just exist for the sake of it. A healthy spirit keeps us alive and keeps us going.


spiritual wellness

How To Achieve Spiritual Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need to have a religious revelation to get in touch with your spirit. Some easier ways to obtain spiritual wellness are;

1. Help Others

Sometimes all we need is a sense of togetherness to get in touch with ourselves. Although all of us have our struggles when we feel extremely detached, acts of kindness like volunteering and helping someone in need can bring us back.

2. Meditate

Meditation has been known to be the best and most foolproof method to get in touch with our inner selves and recharge our spirits. It feels difficult sometimes and requires a lot of focus and practice but trying never hurts.

3. Do something You Love

Things that keep the spirit alive are art and literature. Take some out for yourself and indulge yourself in some soul searching with art whether you do it yourself or just admire someone else’s work. Writing or reading poetry can also recharge your soul.

4. Go On A Trip

Sometimes all we need is to get away from your stagnant environment and explore to recharge our soul. Traveling is not only super fun but also gives you great memories and time for yourself.

Although we live busy lives and seldom have time for ourselves, it is important to sometimes step back and take a look into your spirit. We must keep our spirit alive to feel alive.




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