Social Wellness

social wellness


Social wellness refers to our social interactions and how we deal with them. It means to be comfortable with social interactions and have healthy relationships. Social wellness is a very dynamic concept. It covers every aspect of your social life. For instance,  how balanced your social life is, the kind of people you surround yourself with. How you interact with people and the kind of relationships you have also determine social wellness.

When it comes to personal relationships and friendships, social wellness is also scaled by a person’s ability to not only start relationships but also continue them. Being able to communicate healthily and set reasonable boundaries is also an important aspect of social wellness.

In a more general perspective, social wellness refers to how well you mingle with the people around you. For example, people in your community or co-workers. Being considerate of diversity and racial, ethnic and religious difference and having respect for people is also a measure of social wellness.


social wellness

Why Is Social Wellness Important?

Humans are social animals, which means we have been wired to communicate with others and for bonds while we co-exist. Having meaningful relationships and a supportive network of friends makes you feel less lonely. Feelings of loneliness can often detach you from the world and cause depression so it is important to have meaningful relationships in life.

Being comfortable around other people and having the ability to communicate is a very useful tool once we enter our professional lives. Having the ability to engage with others helps create a useful network of colleagues throughout your career. In today’s world, networking is especially important for professional growth whether you are a business owner or an employee.


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social wellness

How To Achieve Social Wellness

Social wellness is not only about making new friends but also ensuring the friendships or social interactions around you are healthy and don’t cause you any emotional strain. Some tips to achieve social wellness are;

1. Keep An Open Heart

When it comes to advising about how to make new friends this is perhaps the most important thing you need to keep in mind. You will find it much easier to interact with people if you keep an open mind. First meetings are often chaotic. Do not be put off by certain opinions the other person may have and be accepting.

2. Cut Off The Toxic People In Your Life

The quality of relationships cannot be determined by the time you have put into them. Some old friendships can be very toxic for us and cause a lot of emotional trauma. But we often don’t realize this and let ourselves be manipulated. Surrounding yourself with good people is also a form of self-care.

3. Learn To Create Boundaries

Some relationships in our life consume too much of our energy and time.

It is important to create reasonable boundaries so that your interactions do not overwhelm you. A good way to do this is by communicating and learning to stand up for yourself.

4. Try To Maintain A Balance

Just like less social interaction is bad, too much social interaction can also harm you. It drains out your energy and gives you no personal time. It is important to maintain a healthy balance in your social life.




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