Slow Beauty - Unpacking The Buzz Word Of The Year

Slow beauty


The hectic world that we inhabit, everything is fast-paced. All we are doing are chasing deadlines and targets that never seem to end.  Always looking for quick fixes for everything. Be it food, relationships even beauty. Consequently, we lose touch with our inner self and feel stressed and fragmented at the cost of our overall wellbeing. Even the desire to look and feel good is geared towards instant gratification. The beauty industry is replete with products that guarantee immediate results and give you that youthful glow. The prospect of swiftness may seem attractive in the short term. In the long term, however, you pay a very heavy price. Due to the toxic chemicals that these skincare products have the promise of eternal beauty is short-lived leaving your skin damaged in more ways than one.  Further, the environmental havoc that the beauty industry creates in harnessing and manufacturing of these products is beyond imagination.

The slow beauty movement has gained ground in recent times in an endeavor to make the idea of beauty a holistic one and is one of the emerging beauty trends in 2020. 


slow beauty

What is Slow Beauty

The concept of slow beauty is all about going back to the roots and connecting with self. It is based on the premise of finding a middle ground between the old and the new. It is like an oasis of peace admits the cacophony that life has become. Slow beauty movement is the antithesis of everything that the modern world stands for- a fast-paced hectic life that creates a disconnect. It is a call to slow down for rejuvenation, not just of body but of mind. It would be a mistake to consider that slow beauty is only about skincare. It is skincare, yes but it’s much beyond that.  It is a holistic concept that is all about wholesome and meaningful living. It is a lifestyle choice. From nutritious diet and restful sleep to being at peace with yourself, the spectrum of the slow beauty is wide. The slow beauty movement believes in addressing the core issue for comprehensive and all-round health. 

 Addressing the interlinked issues of environmental suitability and adherence to ethical standards is critical to the slow beauty movement. Sourcing and manufacturing of products in a way that ensures environmental sustainability in the entire supply chain is an important part of the concept of slow beauty. 


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slow beauty

Making slow beauty a part of your life

Like in slow cooking so in slow beauty, the results are never instant. In the slow food, the food simmers over low flame for hours at end preserving the nutrients of the ingredients. The food that comes out is a pure labor of love and extremely delicious, to say the least. Similarly, in slow beauty, the results are long-lasting and impact the total wellbeing. 

How does one make slow beauty a part of their life? Integrating slow beauty in your life is a conscious choice and means a significant departure from the norm of a fast-paced life. 

  • Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness means primarily focusing on yourself and being aware of every moment you live. Being aware of every sensation of your body and your surroundings. Beauty is not equal to looking pretty. It is the reflection of your inner self. While pretty is about looking good, beauty is about feeling good, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well. A healthy diet, stress-free life, and regular exercise do wonder towards making you feel good that. 
  • Slow Down: Slow beauty encourages being in the present and enjoying the moment. Slow down and take pleasure in the gifts that nature has showered upon you. The sunshine, the snow, the aroma of the food that you are cooking, the smile of your child.  Start by appreciating what you eat rather than just gulping down that coffee and croissant and getting back to chasing deadlines. 
  • Embracing Aging: The beauty industry is youth-obsessed and makes its customers believe that aging needs to be halted. On the contrary, aging is a natural phenomenon and nothing to be ashamed of. It needs to be embraced with love. Aging gracefully is the key to the slow beauty movement. One can age gracefully by adopting a healthy lifestyle and through products that love your body the way you do.
  • Being environmentally conscious: Most beauty products are choc-a-bloc with harmful chemicals and create dis-balance to the fragile ecosystem. Be environmentally conscious while buying beauty products. Use products that have natural ingredients and are manufactured ethically. 

We at RESPEKT care about your wellbeing and are therefore at the forefront of practicing and promoting the concept of slow beauty. We believe in clean and natural skincare just like the slow beauty concept propagates. Our products have organic ingredients that are gentle on your skin and are ethically sourced and produced. The products contain no toxin, Paraben, synthetic preservatives or artificial fragrance. 

Respekt Made in Garden Face Sheet Masks will be the perfect skincare product for you if you want to adopt slow beauty into your beauty regimen. The product is 95% organic, has only plant-based ingredients and are free from any kind of animal testing.

RESPEKT takes the concept of slow beauty very seriously. To carry its commitment of slow beauty forward we have developed an app called BEAUTITATION™.

A beauty focused guided meditation app that re-writes the concept of beauty. BEAUTITATION™ is your daily beauty ritual that makes you practice mindfulness through meditation. The entire process is geared towards relieving stress and making your body more receptive to how you want it to be.

Slow beauty is all about loving yourself and giving the very best to your mind and body. 




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