Let’s play a game for a change. Shall we? What is that singular skincare item that would be your companion on a deserted island? Remember only one item is allowed. Well, if you are a beauty-conscious person (as you should be) chances are that you would be flummoxed with the question. What to take from the wide range of skincare products that you use could put you in a bit of a fix.

As individuals who care about our skin and want to give it the very best, we have been programmed to think that only if we follow the 10 - step beauty routine would we be able to take optimal care of it. Anything less than that would simply not be acceptable. In times that we live in, our lives are a slave to the clock. The ticking of the clock is a constant reminder of the to-do list that needs to be accomplished by the end of the day. There is so much to do that we literally have to squeeze the skincare routine, before, during and after the deadlines.

What if we tell you that you can now strip down to basics without compromising with the quality of your skincare and without your cabinet looking like a mess?  Sounds too real to be true right?

Read on to find all about how this can turn into reality by the time you finish the last sentence of this blog. 

Skinimalist AKA Skip-Care - What is it? 

2020 is the year of new trends that have the potential to change the way the beauty industry operates. One such trend is skinimalist or skip-care that just might redefine how we view our skincare regime. 

Skinimalist is the new trending term in the beauty circuit. Like its more popular cousin the “ Minimalist”, it believes in the de-cluttering of your skincare routine. Skinimalist is all about using minimum products for maximum impact on your skin. It is an integrated approach to skincare where the use of multi-tasking products forms the basis of your daily skincare routine. 

Listening to your skin and responding accordingly is the simple philosophy behind skip-care. 


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How does it work?

You may say that it’s all fine to talk about fewer products and even fewer steps in the daily skincare routine but what will those steps be and what products need to be used. Worry not for we are here for you.   

Skinimalist means that instead of a multi-product skincare range occupying the space, you would only have two or three of those products that will serve the same purpose. Following this trend doesn’t mean compromising with the desire for a dewy and radiant skin.

The skinimalist skincare routine is as easy as ABC and consists of only three core areas.




Combine your cleansing and exfoliation steps by investing in a cleanser that contains AHAs or BHAs. This way you get rid of all the impurities and the dead skin cells in one go. Do this first thing in the morning and the last before you hit the bed and you are sorted. 





 Focus on the issue plaguing your skin instead of using your hard-earned money in a host of products that your skin might not even require. Identify the problem and buy the right product to rectify it. 





Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and needs its share of H2O and protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun to function optimally. Elimination of either of them is a deal-breaker even for the trend that believes in minimalism. Opting for an ultra-nourishing moisturizer with SPF30 would do the trick for you in so far as the protection of your skin is concerned.  




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