Skin Benefits From Meditation


Most of us are probably familiar with the mental health benefits of meditation, but did you know that meditation can actually improve the condition of your skin?

It All Shows In Your Face

Skin is our largest organ and it can be a surprisingly good indicator of issues that are going on inside your body and brain. Blushing is the prime example of just how revealing your skin can be, when it comes to emotions. If a signal from your brain can change the color of your skin in mere seconds, can you imagine, just how powerful your mind is? How much you can change with daily meditation?

A recent study has discovered that amongst medical students those that reported high levels of stress “had higher prevalence of oily, waxy patches on scalp and/or flaky scalp (dandruff), dry/sore rash, itchy skin, itchy rash on their hands, and hair loss, warts, and acne” (Bin Saif, 2018).



The Stress And Skin Connection

If you are struggling with acne, bags under your eyes, or thinning hair, or even hair loss and brittle nails, stress might be the cause. These are not just effects of aging that naturally occurs. They are in many times caused from stress and anxiety that have been there for a long time. And it’s this very brain-skin connection that we have covered in our latest posting ‘Skin and Mind’. Stress can also lead to dehydration, wrinkles and lines, hair loss and graying hair for those without an inherent condition.

Stress can exacerbate or even cause skin issues as well. The inflammatory action is directly linked to many skin diseases, conditions, and disorders. Mental disorders are comorbid with a lot of most common skin problems, such as various forms of dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, hives, and of course acne.

Of course, there are skin conditions can only be improved by rigorous skincare or medication, but for many of them, you might only need to give yourself a break and try your best to relax. Dermatologist who studies deeply in the brain and body connections use traditional medicine and also recommend meditation and relaxation techniques to their patients to treat their symptoms. Meditation is one of the best methods of stress release, simply becauseyou can do it almost anywhere and anytime you have a few spare minutes, and it’sessentially free.

These days we tend to be more and more stressed, the pollution in large cities is getting worse, and we sometimes simply can’t find the time to take care of our mental and physical health. Skin issues can be hard to deal with and can take a toll on your mental state, and can be incredibly stressful in and of itself. This is one of the most important aspects of meditation, the fact that it can help you heal from the inside out. It can give you the strength, optimism, and inner calm, even when your skin makes you feel angry, frustrated, and sad.

Clear Mind Can Help You Get Clear Skin.

So, last but not least, meditation can help you lead a healthier lifestyle and make better choices, even when it comes to your skin. Being as stress free as possible is of course important, but the motivation to take care of yourself is also a major aspect when it comes clear and healthy skin. Healthy eating, exercise, taking care of your mind and body, an effective skincare routine, and of course - hydration, are all daily choices that can significantly improve or completely get rid of many skin conditions.



Stress Relieving Meditation Helps Skin Heal Faster

Meditation can even improve some quite severe skin conditions such as psoriasis. Another study has shown that “Mindfulness meditation can positively influence the rate at which psoriasis clears in patients” (Kabat-Zinn, 1998).

Meditation is not a magical cure, that will eradicate all your issues, but it can be such an amazing, easy to use, and affordable tool, not only when it comes to your mind, but also your body and skin.





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