[PR] Respekt Announces New Book and Business Collaborations, Delivering Good News to Individuals and Businesses Pursuing Wellness-Rooted Skincare

The WellBeauty Book

Heyyoung Kim and Dr. Robert Kim's new book establishes sturdy ground for Respekt's innovative wellness-rooted beauty vision using practical tips for meditation and wellness.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Respekt, a San Jose-based skincare company pursuing wellness-rooted beauty, has announced the release of a new book, "The WellBeauty," co-authored by its CEO and founder, Heyyoung Kim and Dr. Robert Kim, MD, and expanded collaboration with beauty meditation market businesses.

Born to open new horizons for clean, natural, and simple skincare, Respekt empowers consumers with the market's first-of-its-kind beauty-focused, guided-meditation application. Embracing different approaches to skincare, Respekt leverages the power of topical products and stress-management meditation techniques to help people achieve natural, mindful beauty. Sounds, music, and over 200 guided educational sessions help relieve daily stress and achieve wellness and beauty hand-in-hand. Launched in 2019, the app has been regularly updated ahead of its version 3.0 release.

Heyyoung Kim and Dr. Robert Kim's "The WellBeauty" helps consumers get more out of Respekt by establishing a sturdy ground for the innovative wellness-rooted beauty vision using practical tips and guidance. Its holistic approach makes achieving inner and outer beauty easy using proven methods and techniques. Heyyoung Kim and Dr. Robert Kim bring decades of experience to each page, allowing readers to rediscover beauty through thoughtful meditation, mindful beauty routines, positive affirmations, and more.

"We leave readers feeling refreshed and whole," remarked co-author Heyyoung Kim. "A powerful step in holistic skincare, we are the first to introduce and promote the concept of beauty meditation," she added.

"True beauty begins with discovering total wellness," added co-author Dr. Robert Kim. "We take readers on an empowering journey of self-discovery and beautification," he added.

Respekt also applies its wellness approaches to beauty businesses worldwide. The company creates customized beauty meditation content, up to 60-minutes in length, for operating clinics, spas, and wellness centers so they can stand out for their customers, and even collaborates with companies manufacturing skincare products to provide them with coupon codes for the beauty meditation app.


The WellBeauty Book


A powerful tool to reunite mind, spirit, and body, visit Respekt.co for more information. Use code SPROUTWB3 to get three months of the beauty meditation app free, and find the book at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books, Walmart eBooks, and individual book stores.

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