[PR] K-BEAUTY/K-POP Influencers Go Crazy for New, Natural Skincare Meditation Android App!

Respekt Beauty Meditation

Respekt Beauty Meditation has launched it’s beauty app for Android devices, delivering younger-looking and less stressed skin.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Nov. 12, 2020 - PRLog - Respekt Beauty Meditation has a growing K-Pop celebrity and influencer fan base because of the natural and results-proven skincare the company provides. Now, Respekt Beauty Meditation has launched an Android app to help people of all ages spice up their beauty routines regardless of where they are. Respekt San Francisco is a natural skincare company pursuing wellness-rooted beauty.

“We deal with the root cause of many skin issues, which is stress. Stress releases certain hormones and chemicals that make the skin either break out, dry out, or develop pre-aging lines. No matter what someone buys to care for their skin, if they are stressed out their skin will not look well. The best thing someone can do for their skin is to start caring for it from the inside out, which is what our new beauty meditation app does,” said Heyyoung Kim, CEO/Co-founder.

Respekt beauty meditation app is offering a new perspective and ways to apply to an everyday beauty routine from wherever in the world. Women and men who are on-the-go can easily use the app in the parking of work or from the comfort of their beds. The app is a convenient way to start rejuvenating skin without expensive creams that don’t address the root cause of bad skin or weary skin, which is usually stress and worry. Respekt has partnered with Robert Kim, MD who actively adapted the beauty meditation method to treat K-celebs.

“Meditation is one of the proven ways to reduce stress/cortisol secretion and slow down free radical production and premature aging. Plus, we have added positive affirmations to the beauty meditation app which is really empowering for anyone who is looking to feel and look their best,’ finished Kim.

Featuring more than 200 guided meditation sessions and sounds, topics include Moisturizing Mediation, Anti-Aging Meditation, Brightening Meditation, and much more, connecting beauty and wellness in a unique new way. The app, which just launched an Android version, is also currently available as iOS and through Amazon Alexa. The app has a free 30-day trial and a regular monthly fee of $3.99 for the post-trial period. The first 100 subscribers will also gain* a free 90 days subscription as a result of the company’s Android launch app promotion.

*(request the promo code on https://respekt.co/pages/receivecodes)

 Now, Respekt beauty meditation app is helping consumers not only start to address skincare challenges using a natural and unique method, but the company believes in developing mindful beauty products without the use of harmful or controversial ingredients.





Heyyoung Kim, CEO/Co-founder


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Heyyoung Kim, CEO/Co-founder


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