[PR] Eewee Production Launches “Skincare Beauty Meditation” Album

May 11, 2020 (San Jose, CA)Eewee Production, Inc., a natural skincare company pursuing wellness rooted beauty, announces that its Respekt product line has launched a digital album of 11 distinct beauty-focused meditation tracks titled, “Skincare Beauty Meditation.” With meditations intended to relieve stress, improve skin, and more, Respekt’s new album will enhance one’s beauty routine through mindfulness. “Skincare Beauty Meditation” is now available on various platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more, as well as through Respekt’s BEAUTITATION wellness app which is available on iOS platforms.

Beauty meditation album

“We invite individuals nationwide to listen to our calm and pleasant meditations and enjoy a boost in beauty and wellness benefits from the next-level mindful experience,” said Heyyoung Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Eewee Production.

The 11 beauty-focused meditation track include “Basic Beauty Meditation - Beautitation,” “Beauty Sleep,” “Beautiful Goal,” “Stress-Free Beautiful Skin,” “Skin Brightening Meditation,” “Skin Moisturizing Meditation,” “Skin Nourishing Meditation,” “Skin Soothing Meditation,” “Skin Firming Meditation,” “Focus Meditation,” and “Going Through Monthly Period Meditation.”

“Skincare Beauty Meditation” is available to stream or purchase on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Napster, Tidal, Slacker, and Spotify. Customers can even stream the meditations through their Amazon Echo devices by saying, “Alexa, play Beauty Meditation.”

alexa play beauty meditation

For more information, visit www.respekt.co.


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