Plant-Based Beauty : It's Not Just A Trend, It's A Revolution

plant-based beauty


Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and young? This desire has given rise to a multi-billion dollar beauty industry that is teeming with skincare and beauty products promising the eternal youthful glow and supple skin. Most often than not these promises come with a heavy price tag attached to them, that of harmful effects. From petroleum to lead and synthetic dyes, harmful chemicals hide behind many of the skincare and beauty products that you use. 

However, not all is dark and gloomy. There is good news to share with you. Beauty industry has finally realized the damage that the chemicals unleash. There has been a paradigm shift in the way the brands think about beauty and its impact on the customers. The concept of plant-based beauty has gained currency in the last few years. From being difficult to cater to the more colorful choices of the customers and being limited to a few skin tones, the concept has come a long way and now provides a wide range of choices not just in terms of products, vivacious colors but also by being inclusive of the diverse skin tones. 

Decoding Plant-Based Beauty

Hailed as not just a trend but a revolution, the concept of plant-based beauty has taken the industry by storm. But what is plant-based beauty? Let’s get cracking on this right away. 

The traditional ways in which the beauty and skincare products are manufactured include a lot of harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens, sulfates, colors, GMO, chemical screens, artificial fragrance, etc. These toxic chemicals are catastrophic not just for your skin but for your entire system. The plant-based natural beauty movement eliminates not merely toxic chemicals but also the ingredients that involve animals in any way.


plant-based beauty

Veganism at the Core of Plant-based Beauty

Plant-based derivatives and herbs have been used for time immemorial to enhance personal beauty regime. Ancient Roman texts mention the usage of essential oils and plant extracts during their bath. India texts are abound with the mention of ingredients like saffron, turmeric and neem leaves around which countless beauty rituals were developed for a radiant and glowing skin.

Another critical aspect of plant-based product manufacturing is a commitment to a cruelty-free product. Conventional beauty industry used animal derivatives in their products and carried animal testing before finally unveiling their products in the market. However, the concept of plant-based beauty has reversed this trend. Veganism lies at the heart of this concept. The brands that promote vegan beauty products neither have any ingredients that are obtained from animal nor are they tested on animals. 

Vegan skincare products are extremely gentle on your skin and nourish it from its very depth. As their products exclude animal ingredients or extract like honey, beeswax, tallow, gelatin, collagen, etc, more plant-based vitamins and minerals are used as substitutes. Make no mistake about their effectiveness and efficacy. You just have to use them once to be their life-long fan. 


plant-based beauty

We Are Practicing What We Preach

We are extremely glad to share that the concept of plant-based vegan beauty is at the heart of the product line at RESPEKT. All our products are organic in nature and have 95% natural extracts to give your skin the very best that it deserves. Our products are also free of any kind of animal testing. Some of our products are BDIH COSMOS-Natural Certified, the highest and the most righteous ethical standards certification for any skincare and beauty brand. It also means that we give you nothing but the best when it comes to you beauty regime.

We recommend you use plant-based skincare products for a long-lasting glow unearthing your true beauty the natural way. Please check out our Respekt skincare products as well as the Nabia natural skincare brand.

In every walk in with nature, one receives far more than he seeks said a wise man once. The plant-based beauty movement is an attempt in that direction. Take a walk in the wondrous world of plant-based beauty and we guarantee you’ll never want to go back. 




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