Physical Wellness

physical wellness


The most commonly known type of wellness is physical wellness.  However,  it is often misunderstood to mean only being disease-free. There are many other aspects to physical wellness that we will explore going forward. Physical wellness depends on a multitude of things for example your living conditions, nutrition, habits and routine.

A lot of factors play into keeping your body healthy and your mind fresh, nutrition being top of the list. To quote a very famous phrase 'You are what you eat’, your body depends on food to function and grow, so what you eat determines a lot of things.

Another important factor is your routine.  Having a healthy routine not only includes a stable sleep pattern and exercising but also having healthy habits. We don’t realize how a lot of our daily habits like biting nails, staying up late or being unhygienic can be extremely unhealthy for us.

Further elaborating on unhealthy habits, substance abuse is also a very key aspect of physical wellness. Drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much and doing drugs is very damaging to our physical health and can cause diseases.


Physical Wellness

The Importance of physical wellness

The importance of physical wellness is common knowledge. However, it should be emphasized repeatedly because we often neglect our physical health due to our busy lives. Being conscious of the changes in your body is important now more than ever that we are exposed to so many harmful substances in our daily life.

Being physically well not only keeps us away from the threat of diseases, but also improves our quality of life and work. If we are physically well, we will have more energy to do the things we enjoy. Being unhealthy or unwell makes us moody and can often affect our mental states as well. Physical wellness ensures that you have the strength to take on the challenges in life and enjoy it thoroughly.


Physical Wellness


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How to achieve physical wellness

There’s a few that you should be especially mindful of when it comes to physical wellness like,

1. Nutritional Needs

Taking care of your nutrition helps in building immunity and ensures that you do not become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Women are especially prone to iron and calcium deficiencies that can cause conditions like anaemia or osteoporosis. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy and timely meals.

2. A Proper Routine

Starting from sleep patterns, your sleep determines how energized you will be throughout the day. Having a healthy sleep pattern means getting at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night. Going to bed on time and waking up early will give you a great start to your day and time for exercise. Squeeze in a short workout into your daily routine so your body does not become stiff, stretching of cardio can not only help you keep fit but will also increase stamina and give physical strength.

3. Be Responsible With Addictive Substances

Substances like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs can be highly addictive and very dangerous to your overall health. It is important to keep your consumption in check or steer clear of them entirely.




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