Microbiome Skincare: YOUR SKIN’S SECRET LIFE

microbiome skincare


Did you know that your skin has a secret life too? Did we just hear a no? Well, surprise! What your eyes can see of your skin is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more the skin has which you can’t see. The year 2020 has welcomed a new movement in the skincare and wellness industry- the microbiome skincare. Although it is at its infancy, the brands are already recognizing its worth. 

Let’s take a deep dive and get acquainted with the new movement that seems to be a trendsetter this year.

What is Skin’s Microbiome?

Your skin has its own ecosystem of bacteria that maintain its health. The bacteria guard the skin against pathogens. When the microbiome is balanced, your skin is fresh and looks healthy. As a result, you feel and look healthy. But, if the delicate balance is upset, the same bacteria start causing dryness and itching.

Just like no fingerprints of no two individuals are the same, the microbiome in each individual is unique and highly personalized. 


microbiome skincare

Why is it Important to Balance the Skin’s Microbiome?

The role of the microbiome is to create a barrier on your skin to protect it against foreign invaders. It retains moisture in the skin. Dryness of skin and itching is the sign the bacteria on the skin surface are fighting the damaging environmental factors and dying out. If the bacteria are not restored, their numbers keep decreasing that shows as dryness on the skin.

Maintaining the balance is of utmost importance so that your skin keeps looking fresh. Constant exposure to pollution and other environmental stresses compromises the balance making your skin you dull and lackluster. 


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Can Bacteria Ever be Good?

In one word: yes. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. For instance, a group of bacteria makes curd, while others cause disease. We need to hold on to the good bacteria and throw away the bad ones. And when we buy an anti-bacteria soap for our face, it does not differentiate between good and bad bacteria. It removes all bacteria. And when you use it frequently, you create unbalance in your skin’s microbiome. An unbalanced skin microbiome becomes the hotspot of germ and (bad) bacterial growth. In the worst cases, it can even lead to intestinal bacterial growth and cause other infections.


microbiome skincare

How to Balance the Microbiome?

The skincare industry is burning the midnight oil to harness the benefits of the microbiome by using the concept in various products. One of the key ingredients that have gained popularity is probiotics, a key functional ingredient that helps in addressing major skincare issues like acne, wrinkles, blemishes. Microbiome in skincare is a classic example of the beauty and wellness industry joining hands with technology to provide cutting edge solutions to the customers. 

Another way to do it is by eating healthy. When you eat healthily, your gut microbiome stays balanced. The gut microbiome directly influences the skin microbiome. This means that when the gut microbiome is healthy and balanced, so is your skin microbiome. Healthy and fiber-rich food ferment good bacteria in the gut and that develops the skin’s ability to retain moisture and fight pollutants.

Keeping the secret life your skin happy and contented will do wonders for your skin. Happy healthy skin is a reflection of a happy and healthy you.




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