All you have to do is take a good look around you to realize that something is missing in the beauty industry. From the advertisement that is made to the models that are used, youth sells! Whenever you talk of older people, all that the makeup talks about is anti-aging! It’s as if the only way makeup can be used by the older generation is by hiding their age.

Come with us and discover the top five makeup trends that suit you no matter what your age is.


Wear your Wrinkles Proudly

Society has told us that the appearance of wrinkles is the most frightening sign of being old. The mere glimpse of them makes one rush to buy an anti-wrinkle cream that promises eternal youth. If you are anywhere near 50 or above, wrinkles are a reality and can’t be swept under the rug. Embrace your age, not hide it.

You may not be able to make your wrinkles vanish away but you certainly can wear them tastefully. Using a foundation with a lightweight moisturizer would hydrate your skin and give it  an even tone. Wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet make your eyes look dull and uncared for. Focusing on the under-eye area and inner corners when you apply foundation will give the shine back to your eyes.


Play Up Your Complexion

Everyone wants luminous skin that shines with the brilliance of youth. However, with the appearance of  wrinkles, the matt- finish that you use in order to look radiant, may settle into the fine lines and between your wrinkles. The Korean beauty trend of “glass skin”  that  is taking the beauty industry by storm, recommends having multiple layers of hydrating products that sit lightly on the skin. This gives you clear, pore-less skin no matter what your age is. 



Be Bold with Your Lips

Bold lips are not the sole propriety of the young! Scarlet lips look good on everyone. Break the myth of your senior years being the slave to dull and nude colors. Wear that bright red hue and face the world with confidence. 


Go Natural with your Eyebrows

Your later years in life are all about caring less and less about people so why should your eyebrows care. It’s about time that the makeup trends stop regulating your eyebrows. Sparse or bushy, let them be. No tweezers and no threading to achieve the so called perfect uniform brows. All that needs to be done is to apply a dark brown shadow and a tinted brow mascara throughout the eyebrows and you are good to go!




Blush Up

Rosy cheeks will rule the roost. Blush has this universal appeal that caters to every age group. It looks especially fetching on mature skin. We suggest you use a liquid blush to keep your skin hydrated, particularly if you have a dry skin type. 

Makeup trends about mature skin are not about hiding your signs of aging anymore! The trends that dominate encourage loving your age and wearing it proudly. 





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