[HAUTE LIVING] Summer Essentials: 10 Companies With Products You Need



Introduced in 2016, Respekt is the San Jose-based skincare movement dedicated to revolutionizing the way we handle stress as it relates to skin health and wellness. The company’s vision aligns with our deepest desire to be beautiful inside and out, and this is achieved through a breezy business model that makes skincare and skin health accessible across all platforms. Respekt is well-known for its mobile app, called Respekt Beauty Meditation, which allows users to tackle the pressure points of stress in order to clear up their skin. Studies have shown that 30% of our skin struggles stem from stress-related activity, so it is Respekt’s mission to enlighten our daily skincare routines to include meditation, reflection, and consideration for how we move through the world. Respekt is led by a team of professionals rooted in areas of psychology, medicine, and breathwork, ensuring the consultation obtained from their mobile app is experience-driven and backed by research. Their skincare line is steeped in Korean tradition and includes face masks, face creams, and tools for meditation that are free of harsh chemicals...[Click here for Full Story]

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