Caring For Sensitive Skin

caring for sensitive skin


When you have skin that reacts to almost everything, it becomes near impossible to look after it. You never know what would work on your skin, and you have to be a hundred times sure before buying a skincare product. The constant worry in the mind is, what if my skin reacts adversely to it? While your friends can use almost everything, you are stuck with using a narrow line of products. And the worst about it, even trying a new skincare product comes with a lot of anxiety.

But now, here we are, to guide you through a process, in the end, your sensitive skin will look flawless. Ready? Here it goes:


caring for sensitive skin

1. Make Moisturizer Your Friend

Just because it’s a product that is used by all and sundry there is no reason that you can’t use it. There is a reason it is highly recommended. The first and foremost thing your skin needs to be to look flawless is hydrated, for dry skin is home to impurities and dead skin cells. If you don’t want your skin to look like it’s been scratched out, use a moisturizer for it.

2.  Patch-Test New Product Before Buying

We wish there was an easy way to do this. But there isn’t. Instead of buying a product just because it seems good, patch-test it. Apply a teeny amount of it inside of your arm and leave it overnight. If you have no reaction to it by the morning, it’s safe for your skin. The inside of your arm has equal sensitivity as your face. If there is a reaction, it is restricted to your arm and to that small region, minimizing its side effects.

3. Introduce Products on In Your Routine Slowly

Nothing good has ever come out of something too fast and without deliberation. So when you are buying a new product yourself, introduce it to your routine gradually. Start by using it in little amounts to make your skin get used to it. Then, after a week, or so, increase the quantity. Slowly, take it to the level up. The moment it has even a small reaction on your skin, take a step down. This is an indication that this is the most your skin can take at once. And going beyond it will cause harm. This helps ensure that the product does not harm your skin and you use it in the quantity that is safe for you.


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4. Cut down on Duration of Showers

This may feel like it is unnecessary, but this needs to be said. Because the thing is, sensitive skin is not limited to your face. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, it should not be treated lightly. Stay away from using sophisticated high-end soap bars that do wonders for your skin. Choose a simple one that will cleanse your face, and that is it. And keep your shower shorter than 10 minutes to maintain your skin health.


caring for sensitive skin

5. Say Yes to Natural Ingredients

Sensitive skin is home to many annoying problems. From rashes to irritation and from acne to dry and flaky skin, it is a lot. For the part of your body that braves it all, you have to treat it gently. Use products that are gentle on your skin. Skincare products that have natural extracts in them are best for your skin. Extracts of tea-tree, chamomile, oatmeal, cucumber seed oil, etc. are ingredients that not only address the issue your skin suffers from but soothe it as well. Avoid products that are lurking with a harmful and harsh chemical. By choosing natural ingredients over the chemical ones you give the love your skin needs. 

Flawless skin is the step to a beautiful you. Having sensitive skin is like having a sensitive child. A bit of pampering and a lot of gentleness go a long way in ensuring that your skin retains its radiance. 




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