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Green beauty must be a familiar term if you are someone who keeps up with the evolving beauty trends. There is news for you! Gone are days of the beauty trends being monochrome. There is another color added to it now. From green to blue, the beauty and skincare industry has just a step further in being environmentally conscious. 

Do a deep dive into this article to know all about it. 


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Blue Beauty: What Is It?

While the philosophy behind green beauty is about an end to end transparency of the ingredients from sourcing to distribution, blue beauty goes beyond just transparency. The term blue beauty was coined by Jeannie Jarnot who spearhead Project Blue Beauty to refer to the concept of using methods and products that contribute to conserving the delicate balance of marine life.

Why Do We Need Blue Beauty?

 Packaging along with normalization of harmful chemicals in the beauty products is the main offender when it comes to the ocean. Packaging, Most of which is excessive and wasteful and ends up at the bottom of the ocean. Going plastic-free or adopting zero-waste packaging is how blue beauty contributes to the conservation of the ocean and its aquatic life. 

The players in the beauty industry need to be mindful of the impact that their products are having on the marine ecosystem. Brands need to look at the entire life cycle of their products to assess the damage caused to the oceans. From the amount of water a product needs for manufacturing to the disposal of the plastic packaging, a whole host of issues need to be considered. 

Blue beauty is not just a trend, it’s a movement. An informed decision that impacts your personal care in a positive and sustained manner should be at the core of your beauty care regime. Many brands now shy away from using materials in their products that cannot be re / upcycled. Compostable lip balm tubes anyone? 


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Nabia Plant-based Natural Face Wash with Vitamin C: Gentle and Clean Revitalizing Cleanser, 5.07 Fl Oz
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How Can I Carry The Movement Forward?

You may ask what can you do as an individual to support the blue beauty concept. As the center of the beauty industry, you, the customer are a significant part in taking this movement forward. First and foremost read up as much as you can about the concept. Take a decision to support brands that believe in the concept of Blue beauty. Be mindful of what product you really need. You like the new lipstick or the face pack that has just come into the market. But do you really need it? If not then stop right there. The blue beauty concept makes a deliberate attempt to start a discourse around the impact of their beauty choices not just on them but on the planet.


blue beauty

RESPEKT Stands For Blue Beauty 

RESPEKT is a brand that is deeply rooted in the philosophy of blue beauty and believes in using ingredients that contribute towards maintaining the fragile ecosystem of the aqua-marine. For a long-lasting glow on your face use ANYTIME Face Mist or Vita C MIst. It is not only completely vegan and free from animal testing, but the products also use ingredients that cause no harm to the life and blood of our plant- our ocean. 

Blue beauty is a step towards restoring health and the color of the planet. Let’s do our bit in turning the tide. The earth has enough for everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed.




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