Biological Ferment

biological ferment


Kimchi, natto, miso, idli and the list of fermented food that have made a mark for themselves in the eclectic culinary universe is endless. And don’t forget to add the more traditional items like bread and beer to this list. But stop right there if you think fermentation can do magic only when it comes to food. How wrong are you to think this! It creates a similar kind of magic when it comes to skincare as well.  

The world is taking note of the biological ferments trend that started in Korea. The skincare industry is waking up to the wonders that biological ferments can do when added to the skincare products. They are regarded as the game changer and are here to stay in the world of beauty where trends change faster than clothes.

Put your hands together for the latest beauty trend of 2020 and read on to know all about it. 


biological ferment

Understanding Biological Ferments

Fermentation is defined as a process that breaks down a complex substance into simpler ones with the help of micro-organisms like bacteria and yeast.  

Extend that logic to your skin for a moment. Like with food, so with skin, the active ingredients are broken down to simpler ingredients to facilitate better and rapid absorption in the skin. Your skin is a natural playground for these micro-organisms. It houses a host of them including viruses, bacteria and fungi. You name it and they consider your skin their home. Using biologic ferments is an effective way to nourish and fortify your skin’s ecosystem, as this eco-system is the front line foot-soldier when it comes to your defense.  

Biological ferments in your skincare products can be the solution for multitudes of skin problems.   

Acne: Using skincare products with biological ferments help in re-instituting good bacteria in the gut and attack the bad ones that are responsible for causing acne. Bid adieu to pimply face and welcome fresh and smooth skin. 

Anti-aging: One of the prime benefits of using biological ferments is that delays the aging process. The levels of antioxidants of each ingredient increase with the fermentation process. Furthermore, using biological ferments will boost acids like hyaluronic and lactic which in turn will increase the production of ceramides. Ceramides are fats that act like the skin’s barrier and help contain its natural moisture leaving your skin soft and supple. 

Post menopausal issues: Now here is a trend that gives attention to mature aging that is largely invisible on the map of the beauty industry. Women face some very extreme physical changes when they hit menopause. Dry skin, age spots, hot flashes and rashes to name a few. Skincare products containing genistein, a fermented soy extract, helps treat postmenopausal issues

If you are worried about the side effects, just don’t be. Unlike the products which have various toxic chemicals lurking behind them, natural products with biological ferments are absolutely safe for your skin. The only thing that they give is a youthful look that you have been dreaming of. 


biological ferment

Embracing the trend

At RESPEKT we believe in continuously evolving ourselves to give you the most cutting edge solutions for your skincare routine. We have embraced the biological ferments to develop products that deliver what they promise without any side effects.

We recommend you use Nabia Total Solutioln Face Serum and Nabia Total Solution Face Cream for a younger and beautiful looking skin. They contain Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate which has the above benefits and also has other beneficial ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid to help your skin to be firm, moist and youthful. And they are absolutely cruelty-free.

Biological ferments are becoming the new favorite not just among the who’s who of the beauty world but with the customers as well. After all who wouldn't want radiant skin without worrying about the negative effects? 




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