Anti-Pollution Skincare

anti-polution skincare


As tempting and luxurious city life is, we pay a huge price for it. The increasing pollution – from car smoke to air conditioning – has a direct impact on your skin. Every day it is damaged a little more than the day before. Result: it’s oily, dirty, and dull. The skincare and wellness industry recognizing the importance of a skincare product line dedicated to fighting pollution is constantly on its toes to give you what you need to arm yourself against the growing menace of pollution.

Let’s dive in and see how you can protect your skin from the pollution around you and keep it looking radiant and dewy.


anti-polution skincare

1. Cleanse Your Face of Impurities

When you have to stay outdoors most of the day, you expose yourself to all kinds of pollutants and for long periods of time. Although you cannot avoid them, you can cleanse your face to get rid of them. At the least, cleanse your face in the morning before stepping out, and once at night after entering your home. If you can get time in between, during the day, to cleanse your face, do it. This will get rid of all dead skin cells and impurities on your face. Integrate twice-daily cleansing in your skincare routine and reap the dividends in just a few weeks.


anti-polution skincare

2. Never Underestimate the Power of Moisturizing 

Your skin is the foot soldier that defends your body from the external stresses that it faces every single day. Your skin has an optimum moisture content that needs to be maintained for it to provide its best to you. A tube of humble moisturizer is a world of magic. It is your skin’s BFF in the fight against pollution.  

Find a moisturizer that works best for your skin and apply it frequently throughout the day, to rid yourself of accumulated impurities. A good moisturizer will keep intact the natural oils in your skin and keep it hydrated. The pollution sucks out the water and oil from your skin, making it look wrinkly and dry. Your moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Every time you feel your skin is becoming dry, take a drop of moisturizer on your fingers and apply it.


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anti-polution skincare

3. Bid Adieu to Mr. Sun

If it isn’t said enough, let us be the one to say it: Too much exposure to the sun damages the skin. The sun emits UV rays which damage your skin. Repeated exposure to these rays accelerates the onset of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles. 

Don’t let the sun play havoc with your skin. Invest in a good sunscreen to provide all-around protection the moment you step out. You can either use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or buy a sunscreen with SPF that is more suited for the region you stay at and is good for your skin. The sunscreen will act as a shield against the UV rays of the sun. So slather your face and all exposed area with sunscreen and step out fully armed to brave the day. 


anti-polution skincare

4. Mask It UP 

Your skin faces so much every single day from the moment you wake up till you hit the pillow. It needs all the help that you can give to do its work most effectively. Anti-pollution face masks burst into popularity a while back and have since become a recommended part of the skincare routine. 

Just like for plants, so for your skin, hydration is the key. Your skin needs to be optimally watered. Besides cleansing and moisturizing, you also need to apply a face mask to keep your skin happy.

A face mask rejuvenates your skin. After a long day, your skin has worked as much as you and it needs to relax. So take out a face mask, apply it, take some rest. You can go for a charcoal face mask, or the aloe vera one, the one which  works best for you and apply. Right before sleeping, take out 10-15 minutes to apply a face mask. Your face, as well as you, will be relieved of the stress and feel rested and relaxed. 

Your skin is a direct reflection of your personality. Why should you not look the way you feel - young, energetic, and full of life. Give your skin the tender, loving care it so deserves. At the end, you will be surprised to find the magic these simple 4 steps have on your skin.




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