6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy & Glowing This Winter

6 ways to keep your skin healthy & glowing this winter
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Contributed and written by Felicity Theo

I don’t know about you, but winter is a relentless period for most of us. Skin has a tough time coping with a part of the year that is, for many of us, cold and dry with less sunlight, compounded by dry indoor heated environments. Problems are only magnified for those of us with pre-existing skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema. The following suggestions are not a substitute for consulting a dermatologist if you need to, but they can make a huge difference in supporting the body’s largest organ through the harsh weather.


1. Don’t overheat your home

It can be tempting to turn the thermostat way up when it gets chilly, but not only does that cause a sting to Mother Earth – not to mention your bank balance this year, according to the Energy Information Administration – the aforementioned dry warmth is a tax on your beauty, too. For reference, room temperature is often assumed to be around 66-68°F (20°C).


2. Use an air humidifier

Cold air simply can’t hold all that much moisture. So while not actively reducing water content in the air at home caused by central heating does help your skin, you may still want to consider a high-capacity humidifier to help raise that ambient moisture.


3. Aloe vera is a wonder plant

The humble aloe vera is such a powerful, all-natural moisturizer that it can be used on burns. Amidst its health and wellness posts, SymptomFind recently explored the benefits of aloe vera for skin care. The piece noted that in addition to being a natural moisturizer, it can relieve the discomfort that often arises as a result of dry skin, help with acne, blemishes and more. Aloe vera is readily available in bottled form, of course, but it can often be grown at home pretty easily, too.


4. Stay hydrated

This shouldn’t need to be said, but it is astonishing how easily we can forget to drink enough fluids in the cold seasons for a bouncy, gorgeous complexion. If you find water boring, warm tea is a great alternative.


5. Make sure to get enough omega-3 or omega-6 in your diet

Drinking up is vital, but what you eat plays a role, too. Fish and flaxseed oils are classic recommendations, but instead of supplementing you can try a seed mix sprinkle like the one featured over on Alpha Foodie.


6. Take warm, not hot, showers

Hot showers feel great. The downside is that they strip the stratum corneum, which the National Center for Biotechnical Information has more information on than you could possibly need if you’re curious, but is essentially the outer layer of the skin with a hugely important protective role. The key is to reduce water temperature and use gentler soaps, followed by moisturizer for that radiant glow.

These tips can be lifesavers in the months to come. For more ideas to help with your beauty and wellness goals, please explore the rest of our content here at Respekt!

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