# 1. Emotional Wellness: Inner Peace Is The Key To Outer Beauty

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Emotional wellness


Over the years beauty trends have changed drastically, every era brings a new more innovative trend either marked by a feature or a product. The beauty industry throughout its evolution has neglected emotional wellness as a key factor in determining a person’s overall health as well as the health of their skin.

The present trend gives emotional wellness the credit it deserves. Experts nowadays emphasize how huge of an impact emotional wellness can have on beauty or the other way around. The modern-day consumer wants to achieve beauty that makes them feel good. The trend is shifting to acknowledge how one’s emotional state can impact their skin or vice versa.


emotional wellness

So What Is The Connection?

In case you are wondering what emotional wellness has to do with beauty, we will attempt to form a simple connection for you. Ever experienced a pimple popping up when you are stressed about something? That’s your emotional state affecting your skin. The mind is worried and your skin reacts to it, some other examples are the skin looking dull when you are feeling depressed or appearance of dark circles because you’ve has a difficult few days.

Moving on to how our beauty can affect our emotional wellness, well there’s a very simple explanation to this. Ever felt low because of the way you look? The condition of your skin or how you look directly affects your mood and confidence. A bad hair day can very well ruin your self-esteem (Although we really shouldn’t make beauty a standard for happiness).

We have all felt uncertain of ourselves because of our acne, dark circles or facial hair. People who struggle with cystic acne or other skin conditions often feel very depressed because of their skin and this leads to self-doubt. Another aspect is how pursuing beauty makes us happy like doing skincare or makeup.


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emotional wellness

How To Achieve Emotional Wellness

Now that we have established how strong the correlation between emotional wellness and beauty is, let’s discuss some helpful tips to achieve emotional wellness.

1. Take Some Time Off For Yourself

We are controlled by busy schedules which make our life monotonous and put us in an unhealthy pattern where we strive all day. Organize your busy schedule and take some time to do something that brings you joy and helps distract you from your daily stressful life.

2. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Sometimes the people around us are the reason we feel so low or develop self-esteem related issues. If the people around you make you feel uncomfortable about who you are or the way you look it is time you reconsider having them around. Every one of us deserves to be surrounded by people who cheer on us and love us just the way we are.

3. Take Care Of Your Skin

As mentioned above, the condition of our skin can have a major impact on our emotional wellness, having a good skincare regime will not only give you healthier skin but will also help boost your confidence.

Beauty is subjective and feeling beautiful is everyone’s right. True beauty is in accepting and loving ourselves even if how we look is far from the set beauty standards.




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